Product Review Cookware Pull-Out

The Perfect Cookware Pull-out

Product being reviewed: REV-A-SHELF 2 tier cookware organizer


SIZE: 20 3/4” W X 22” D X 18 1/8”H



The REV-A-SHELF cookware pull-out  is the perfect storage solution for your pots and pans. Our family uses this several times a day. Making family meals and when we have guests over that want to cook as well. It’s easy to put away and access. Even our 5-year-old son can grab a pot or lid easily and push the unit back into the cabinet.

Note here: if the cabinet door is slightly closed the chrome unit may scratch the inside of the cabinet door. 

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Each shelf pulls out into the kitchen and completely clears the frame of the cabinet making it very easy to access. I found that we had to play around with the dividers. You need a bit of strength to get them snapped into place. We didn’t need to use all of them and have about 5 stored away.

We use a large “spaghetti pot” 8 quart and this fits in the back of the bottom unit. The pictures on REV-A-SHELF’S website show a small pot on its side. There is no way an 8 quart pot will go on its side and clear the top shelf.

kitchen storage, cookware pull-out, pots and pans storage

The cookware shelves close nicely inside the cabinet. There are handles you can use to pull the unit out. In this picture above you can see the small scratch the chrome unit has made on the interior door. It’s a substantial unit and this happens when the door isn’t completely open.

cookware pull-out, pots and pans storage, kitchen pans storage,

You can see in the photo above that the two shelfs pull-out independently. The top shelf works best for lids. In the manufacturer’s website you will see they only have lids on the top, but I found I needed to also include frying pans which lay nicely as well. You can see that the larger lids have to be placed in the back on the shelf to clear the cabinet framing. What I love about this is the shelf extends out of the cabinet completely making it really easy to grab and put away. The glides are heavy-duty and slide nicely.

View the quick video to see features.


  • adjustable dividers
  • note: it takes a little muscle to get these to snap into place and stay
  • mounts on the sides of your cabinet, bottom of your cabinet, or rear of your base cabinet box
  • optional door mount kit
  • 2 sizes available (basically fits 15” or 24” wide base cabinets)
  • 2 tiers operate separately

You can find more spec’s on the manufacturer’s website HERE.


You will need to measure your cabinet OPENING  as the pull out shelves need to clear this space. So grab your tape measure and make sure before ordering cookware pull-out. 

Ok so quick reference the ACTUAL product dimensions are 11 3/4” w x 22” d x 18” h

The larger kit which is the one I am giving a personal review on is 20 3/4” wide again can’t stress enough measure the opening for this.

The depth is 22” which is standard for base cabinets.

Height is 18”. This allows for clearance of your lids on the top-tier. Although I will mention if you have a lot of lids you will need to stagger the lids to fit and clear the opening of the cabinet. You will see this on the “cheat sheet”.

Now for the most important part…. the MINIMUM CABINET OPENING. These are the most important dimensions that you must make sure with your tape measure that work with what you have existing or that you are designing to fit one of these. Which are awesome and highly recommend them for every kitchen.

Quickly there are 2 types of kitchen cabinets FACE FRAME and FRAMELESS.  Face Frame cabinets means that there is exposed cabinet around your doors and drawers and Frameless means that your door and drawers but up against each other. Frameless is also known as European cabinet style.

For the larger unit that is 20 3/4” wide

Face Frame Cabinet opening minimum for cookware pull-out

20 1/2” width

22 1/8” depth (this shouldn’t be an issue if you have standard cabinet bases”

22” height

Frameless Cabinet opening minimum for cookware pull-out

20 7/8” width

22 1/4” depth

18 1/4” height

note: depth and height is pretty much standard if you have a base cabinet with 1 single drawer above it.

HERE is a PDF of REV-A-SHELF COOKWARE PULL-OUT installation guide.


REV-A-SHELF website $288.40

AMAZON $190.12

HOME DEPOT $150.00

You will need to check your area and typically when I design kitchens these are purchased through the cabinet makers. You can however plan your cabinet for this and then purchase on your own. I suggest if you are designing your new kitchen to do it all at once. You will want to get your kitchen set up and start enjoying it. Not another “to do” list when you just went through a remodel. Its time to enjoy your space. 


video coming soon!


  • Full extension shelves work great I’ve never had an issue. Being tall this is great.
  • The glides are heavy-duty and work great.. it’s been over a year a no issues and we pack it full!
  • It’s a smooth glide system that pulls all the way out past the cabinet opening and pushes back in easily. My 5-year-old son can do this.


  • It’s a tricky fit if you want to include a spigot pot. I noticed not any of the pictures show this as big as we have. So I have to play around getting the dividers in the right places to fit all our pots and pans.
  • We have some pans in the top-tier where the lids are shown in the illustrations.
  • If you don’t “snap” the dividers in place… it takes a little muscle to push them into place completely they will fall off and not hold your items.
  • The top-tier for the lids, I learned you had to put the largest lids in the back row to clear the cabinet opening.

All that said I recommend REV-A-SHELF cookware pull-out and will purchase one for every home and design them into each kitchen plan.

Look for my next Product Review on the quietest dishwasher for your family. I will link it here once it’s up. 

If there are Kitchen products you want reviewed, I’ve got a list going and will add it! Just email me I’d be happy to. 

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