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I have put together the information that you need to quickly get started designing your kitchen. Not sure what material you should select for your counter tops, I’ve got this covered in my Quick Start Guide to Kitchen Design. With pros and cons for the TOP 5 MATERIALS FOR COUNTERTOPS.  This should help you select the material thats right for you and your family.

Not sure what a kitchen costs?? I’ve got you covered! A easy to understand breakdown of where KITCHEN COSTS come from and how to determine yours.

I’m not done yet… What appliances should you select. I’ve got a RESOURCE LIST for you!

I’ve designed this guide to quickly help you on your way and stop the overload of information and start executing your design ideas and get you steps closer to your dream kitchen.

So here is a quick run down:

  • Easy to implement kitchen budget worksheet
  • The top 5 materials for your family’s kitchen counter tops and how they can perform for your needs
  • Where to look online to source the best appliances for your family kitchen

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